Anonymous asked:

I laugh at the fact that people still think you're Jackson when clearly, you can't make it any more obvious. I hope they figure it out soon I would hate for you to constantly be annoyed. I hope all goes well for you. Have a nice day c:

you have a nice day too! its not that bad uwu

wakemeupbeforeyougogogogogo asked:

Hng... write too good. So I read that thing that you wrote; the one about the death clocks and just.... idk, I got published a couple times, but I still can't master second person and it was all just like really a lot yes. I mean, the whole thing connected on a level that's surprisingly difficult, especially writing from the perspective of a teenager as a teenager (I'm just assuming, but I'm pretty confident that you're in high school). But yeah, so good. Practice, write lots, enjoy your talent.

im not jackson?

nibble20 asked:

Why did you make this blog, like did you know so many people were going to confuse you with Jackson?

i made it when i tried to go to his old blog (zanetehaiden) but there wasn’t anything there

so i was like “alright, ill save it just in case he comes back and  wants it)

but THEN when i saw he just changed his url i made it a thing for people to know his new one!

i didnt realize how many people would confuse us! especially with the header i put!